"One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives in a world of wounds. Much of the damage inflicted is quite invisible to laymen." Round River -- Aldo Leopold, 1953

"Get out and hike the mountains, fish the clear streams, breathe the fresh air while we can and enjoy the bounty of Nature we have because, at least in doing that, we will strengthen our bodies and spirits and thus, in the end we will hopefully outlive the bastards!"-- Edward Abbey, who championed to save wildlands, wrote passionately, and fought until his death to save some of the West's great spaces from the juggernaut of modern industrial civilization.

As many have come to know, protecting any beautiful part of the world takes vigilance. A rural landscape is lost one field and one vista at a time. As land values have soared, so have development pressures of all kinds. The Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council's (BLEC) broadbased environmental charge is ever engaged. Vigilance is the price we pay in the good-steward responsibility that each generation owes to the next to protect our natural resources in perpetuity for humans and other species alike. If just one generation fails to step up to the plate, all subsequent generations pay the price. This is our watch...

Although BLEC maintains a high profile when necessary, we remain the "quiet" environmental organization without a lot of business overhead or social folderol. BLEC trustees and members are ready to "suit up" as needed. We work well with other organizations locally, statewide, or with a national scope. Please feel free to contact us with any environmental issues that are of concern to you. If we cannot directly address it, we can likely put you in touch with another group that is working on that specific problem.

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