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The Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council makes available books, videos, sample zoning regulations and pamphlets, as well as links to numerous websites for additional information on a broad range of issues.

Please allow two weeks delivery. Send your check of money order to:

The Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council
P.O. Box 668
North Canaan, CT 06018
Phone: (860) 824-7247
As an all-volunteer organization, we do not maintain regular office hours. If you leave a phone message, we may not get it in a timely manner. For assistance, try our Executive Secretary, Ellery Sinclair, at 860-824-7454.

The booklet "Renewable Energy in Northwest Connecticut" was published by
BLEC in 1981. It is no longer in print.

Links to Environmental/Social Justice Organizations:


. The Houstonic Valley Association
. The Nature Conservancy
. The Northwest Highlands Project
. The Highlands Coalition CT
. Connecticut Farmland Trust
. Housatonic Environmental Action League


. E.F. Schumacher Society
. Riverkeepers

New York:

. Scenic Hudson
. Friends of Hudson


. The Salisbury Land Trust
. The Warren Land Trust
. The Kent Land Trust
. Weatinogue Land Trust

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