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4. Alternative PCB Remediation, 2006

Below is information on a forum that was sponsored by the Housatonic River Initiative, on November 17, 2006. Contact the people at the end for information on this issue, or for written materials.

The Housatonic River Initiative
presents A Symposium on Alternative Remedial Technologies to Destroy PCBs

As many of you are aware, we believe that the greatest benefit to our collective health and safety can most effectively be achieved by the destruction of PCBs. Placing them in a
landfill merely exchanges the liability and vulnerability of one community for another.

Biogenesis...sediment washing and separation:

Upal Ghosh, University of Maryland, expert in reactive capping using activated carbon

Startech or Solena Group...plasma arc excitation of hazardous wastes' molecular bonds is so great that the waste materials' molecules break apart into their elemental components (atoms).

Dr. Kevin Gardner, University of New Hampshire, in-situ, zero valent iron and magnesium, reactive capping

Dr. Eric Stern, Regional Contaminated Sediment Program Manager, EPA Region 2, Port of NY/NJ remedial technology assessment project, the only assessment project still operative within EPA

Sonic Environmental Solutions...Non-thermal destruction Terra-Kleen extraction process and the PCB Sonoprocess? provides clients with low-cost high-volume extraction (from contaminated soils and sediments) followed by Sonic destruction of the concentrated contaminants.

Oil-Free Technology...enzyme based in-situ remediation.? Are there viable, effective and proven technologies for the remediation(destruction) of PCB's? Are they appropriate for our river/region? What are the benefits and downsides of remediation vs.landfilling?

Please feel free to call/email with any questions.

Benno Friedman, HRI
413-229-8569 benno2@verizon.net

Tim Gray, HRI- 413-446-2520

Event Co-Sponsors: Clean Water Action, Waterkeeper Alliance, Toxics Action Center in Boston, Southern Berkshire Chamber Of Commerence, Massachusetts Public Interest Group,
Berkshire Natural Resources Council, Orion Society, Housatonic Environmental Action League,
Center for Ecological Technology, Berkshire Environmental Action Team, Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council

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